Wednesday, June 01, 2005
posted by Selba at 6:57 PM

This is one of Jakarta's public transportation. A three wheels vehicle like a Tuk-tuk in Thailand.

Almost every afternoon, this old man will come around 5 pm with his bajaj to pick up my colleagues and/or me to bring us home. He will wait at the opposite of my office building. Most of the time, I get off from the bajaj in front of a mall (my colleagues will continue using the bajaj until they reach their house) then from the mall, I use a mini bus called Metromini to get to my house.

We called this old man “Babe” which means ‘Father’ in Betawi – Jakarta dialect. Babe has been working as a bajaj driver for more than 20 years.

One trip from my office to that mall cost Rp. 16.000 (USD 1.6).

My colleagues and I are always very happy when we see Babe because we don't need to bargain or even clarify our intended route as we always do to other bajaj driver.

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