Tuesday, April 03, 2007
posted by Selba at 10:05 PM

For more food info especially for Indonesian street food, please visit "Selby's Food Corner" blog.

This is a really fun tag! Seriously! Yes, a tag of FOOD! Tell me, who doesn't love to eat nor having a favorite eating place?

The rules:
1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you.Include the state and country you’re in.
Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)
Selba (Jakarta, Indonesia)

2. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.

3. Tag 5 other people (preferably from other countries/states)[..and let them know they’ve been tagged]

For Chinese and Japanese food, there're so many good restaurants. It really makes me difficult to decide which one to put. So in order not to make me confused, I better put all my favorite restaurants.

1. Chinese Food
Huang Ting.
For those who have been also reading my other blog "My Days", probably are so familiar with this restaurant since I mentioned so many times. It's a very nice Chinese restaurant. The food is so delicious, the price is reasonable and if you dine in the evening, you can feel the romantic atmosphere ;)

Looking for the best duck in town ? Go to The Duck King.
Oh... please be aware that they usually will put a wet tissue for each person and charge for it, no matter if the guest use it or not!

The best Xiao Long Bao in Jakarta! Yes, it's in Din Tai Fung.

2. Japanese Food
I love sushi! It's quite difficult to choose between Sushi Tei, Sakae Sushi and Sushi Groove :)

Sakae Sushi

Sushi Groove

3. Penang Bistro
A Malaysian food restaurant which located near to my office.

4. Vietopia.
Looking for Vietnemese food? Then so far the best place is at Vietopia but please do not compare it if you have been to Vietnam. I remember those times before I visited Vietnam, I just love so much the food in this restaurant but after I came back from Vietnam, then the food becomes just 'ok' :(

5. Pondok Laguna
Everyone especially expatriates love to dine in this Indonesian Seafood restaurant.

Let's do the gastronomic tour around the world...
therefore don't blame me if I tag:
1. The Moody Minstrel because he lives in Japan
2. Angele because she lives in Mauritius
3. StephenLim because he lives in Malaysia
4. Olivia because she lives in England (updated: plus America)
5. Siamjai because he lives in Hungary & Thailand



At Tuesday, April 03, 2007 10:15:00 PM, Blogger Wennnn

Yay yay chup first...


At Tuesday, April 03, 2007 10:19:00 PM, Blogger Wennnn

Wah yummylicious lor... OKie okie next trip bek hv to go Jakarta liao....Oh yummy...


At Tuesday, April 03, 2007 10:27:00 PM, Blogger Olivia

Yum Yum...some of my favourite places may look a bit like yours!

Also, I have lived in the US, so I may add some of those restaurants too! (I noticed Siamjai has the choice of both Hungary and Thailand.)


At Tuesday, April 03, 2007 10:28:00 PM, Blogger Olivia

BTW, is that char siu cheung fun at Huang Ting? I love the stuff!


At Tuesday, April 03, 2007 10:42:00 PM, Blogger Chen

u r fast !!!
now i'm drooling at all those yummy food liao..
summore in the middle of the nite :P


At Tuesday, April 03, 2007 10:43:00 PM, Blogger The Moody Minstrel

This could be kind of fun, though my choices are rather limited in this area. I might have to include one or two fast food places!

That's fine. Food is fun!


At Tuesday, April 03, 2007 10:43:00 PM, Blogger The Moody Minstrel


You posted while I was writing my comment!!!!!! &%$#**!!!!!!


At Tuesday, April 03, 2007 10:49:00 PM, Blogger Redsponge

wah...jakarta got din tai feng ...yayaya...i like the xiao long bao alot! sob sob we dun hav it in kuching 'x'


At Tuesday, April 03, 2007 11:39:00 PM, Blogger L B

Oh, very cool, and very fast!! FOOD turns you on too, huh? *mmmmmmm*... LOL.. GReat pics, drool drool drool till no more drool! Thanks for doing this TAG so double quick!!


At Tuesday, April 03, 2007 11:40:00 PM, Anonymous angele

Ohhh so much food!

*Feasting with my eyes*

I'm tagged!!!!Will be doing it soon =D


At Tuesday, April 03, 2007 11:41:00 PM, Blogger L B

ps: plse link directly to your food post, rather than just to selba.blogspot... *grin*


At Wednesday, April 04, 2007 1:36:00 AM, Blogger kyh

wah so yummy! makes me drool now! ah my stomach is growling!!! selba, u so notti one! :(


At Wednesday, April 04, 2007 10:27:00 AM, Blogger Nicole Tan

Good work!!! wow I didn't know Jakarta have so many yummy food!!! nice pics


At Wednesday, April 04, 2007 12:31:00 PM, Blogger Selba

wennnn: GOLD *****
Yes, come come come to Jakarta!!! Try good food in here :D

olivia: SILVER ***
Already added "America" :)
Oh.. you like Chinese and Japanese food?

chen: BRONZE *
Ya lor... this tag is so fun!!! I just couldn't resist it althought last nite around 8 pm, I already felt so sleepy, kekeke

MM: I'm so glad that this time you are "happy" being tagged! hehehe...
You need to be faster to chup in here especially for this kind of post ;)

redsponge: you like xiao long bao? I like it because of the black vinegar! hahaha. No xiao long bao at all in Kuching?

bee: Yes.. yes.. oh yeeesssss.... food turns me on!!! LOL
Thanks for tagging me this food tag :)

angele: Cool! I'm waiting to see your favorite food in Mauritius :)

bee: Okiedokie.. already changed it! :)

kyh: Hahaha... isn't that great to make you drool in the middle of the night? *evil grin*

nicole tan: Ah.. this is the girl who started this tag! hehehe... There're so many great restaurants and yummy food in Jakarta! :D


At Wednesday, April 04, 2007 8:26:00 PM, Blogger Olivia

The tag is done, and I followed the rest of the list too, checked out their fancy blogs :P

Ah, food!


At Wednesday, April 04, 2007 9:50:00 PM, Blogger leecs

i have not been to the last 2 places at Jakarta there!!!


At Thursday, April 05, 2007 2:20:00 AM, Anonymous LaSh


So much good looking ( n i bet good tasting ) food!

it's nearly midnight here, and am feeling so hungry now!!


At Thursday, April 05, 2007 8:21:00 AM, Blogger Selba

olivia: great!
So beside doing a gastronomic tour you are also doing a food blog tour, hehehe...

leecs: You meant Penang Bistro and Vietopia? Next time, ok ;) Make sure to put in your agenda :D

Lash: Hahaha... Yes, definitely the food taste nice.
Ah.. I should also tag you for this! I believe you can show also great food in Mauritius!


At Thursday, April 05, 2007 1:33:00 PM, Blogger PhotoCrazy

Pondok Laguna... gurame goreng.. tahu kipas..


At Thursday, April 05, 2007 6:34:00 PM, Blogger Selba

photocrazy: yes! gurame goreng and tahu kipas is the best in pondok laguna :)


At Friday, April 06, 2007 10:36:00 PM, Blogger Olivia

"Gastronomic" - why is that one word I forget to use? Duh!


At Saturday, April 07, 2007 2:48:00 AM, Anonymous LaSh

hey there.

i'll TRY to do the tag! but not soon, coz I need to take some pics of the places I like first! :D

n for friendster, I haven't updated the thing in the past 3 yrs! :P but u can still add me : jcoolfellow@hotmail.com


At Saturday, April 07, 2007 4:59:00 AM, Blogger Winn

aiyo i love sushi!


At Saturday, April 07, 2007 10:00:00 AM, Blogger Selba

13th Panda: yes!!! food!!! Let's slurp together!! hehehe

olivia: Why you forget? wah... I also don't know, hahaha.. It's ok though...

lash: Great! So you are going to TRY to do this tag as well! I can't wait to see your favorite eating places!
Will add you in my friendster :)

winn: yessssss.. and I know that you love sushi groove!!! Let's go eat it when you come to Jakarta! :)


At Saturday, April 07, 2007 11:36:00 AM, Blogger Jaeboy

whilei really love your post, i must ask you not to tag Angele. BECAUSE I MIGHT BECOME A POTENTIAL VICTIM!!


At Saturday, April 07, 2007 4:44:00 PM, Blogger Selba

jaeboy: You really love my food post? thanks :)
Hahaha... well, soon or later you'll be got tag with this too.
I believe yours will be really nice too coz' you can put hongkong food also beside mauritius food! :D


At Monday, April 09, 2007 12:35:00 PM, Blogger carcar

i love food!!!!

all food looks so yummy to me! like the way u present them, awesome!


At Monday, April 09, 2007 5:30:00 PM, Blogger Selba

carcar: I guess we all love food!!! Hehehe...
So when's your turn to post this tag? ;)


At Thursday, April 26, 2007 8:26:00 PM, Anonymous velverse

wow.. you really making me hungry.

I dunno why I have craving for peking duck recently. And the duck pics for the Duck King dun make things easy for me :(

I shall try your recommendations if I have the chance


At Friday, April 27, 2007 10:44:00 AM, Blogger Selba

velverse: craving for beijing kaoya? then absolutely gotta try the duck king if you are in Jakarta!!! :)


At Saturday, February 07, 2009 5:15:00 PM, Anonymous Abadani

In TST I love the Indian food. Branto is one other favorite. And there is a little stall restaurant on the ground floor of Chungking. I heard the service is dreadful.