Saturday, October 13, 2007
posted by Selba at 5:15 PM

It has been 1 year intensively since my mom’s playing with this kind of plant called Adenium. So far, there are more than 350 pots of Adenium in our house (front garden and roof garden).

Each Adenium has their own cute names such as Red lucas, Princess of darkness, Pink lines, Purple picotee, Siamese ruby, Sexy leopard, funny bunny, super brain, Harry Potter, Mister button, Super duper, Big chubbiness, Noble concubine, Scarlet O’hara, Seduction, Perfumed snow, Volcanic sunset, Painted lady, Tarantula, Black warrior, etc.

Below are only several Adenium pictures that I took from her garden. As for me, they just look almost the same, hehehe....

Peek a boo.... I can see you, mom!!! ;)